A/D/S/ L620 Speakers


A/D/S/ L690 Speakers

nice floor standers with extras!

Acoustic Research AR-3a Midrange Drivers #1


Advent 2

single speaker

Advent Smaller


Akai GX-365D Reel to reel


Allied-Knight 333 tube receiver

All tube receiver using 6BM8 outputs.

AR Acoustic Research LST Speakers

Ebay Auction

AR turntable for parts


AR-3a Midrange Drivers #2


AR-3A Speakers


AR-3a Tweeters #1


AR-3a Tweeters #2


AR-4AX Speakers


Bose 201 Series II Speakers

A classic Bose bookshelf speaker

Bose Model 101 speakers

Bose indoor/outdoor speakers
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Bose Model 101 speakers with Bose mounting brackets

Very solid outdoor speakers, with mounting hardware
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Bozak B-301 Tempo Speakers

Vintage 3-way bookshelf speakers

Bozak B-302 Urban Speakers

Rudy Bozak's Classic 3 way design

Bozak Woofer Package

Bozak 12" Woofer with 2 tweeters

Carver C-1 Preamp

Sonic Holography Preamplifier

Carver M1.0t Amplifier & C-2 Preamp

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Carver M1.0t amplifier rack handles


Carver Receiver MXR130

Magnetic Field Power Amplifier

conn 616 monoblocks


crosby chassis


denon dvd-2800


Dual 1219


Dual CS-1257


Dynaco PAT-4

Solid-state Pre-Amplifier

Electro-Voice 12TRXB

EV drivers in custom cabinets

EPI 200 Speakers


EV 18-WS


EV Crossover X8


EV Sentry IIA


EV Superdome Tweeters

Tweeters used in some Sentry and Interface model speakers

EV T-35 Horn Tweeter


Fisher 500C


Fisher KM-60


Fisher R-200


forsale apr 21


forsale may 19


Gerrard Lab Type A II parts


Goodmans Woofers


halfer se120


Hammarlund HQ-180 Shortwave Receiver


Harmon Kardon Eight Twenty Receiver

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Infinity SM-122 Speakers

Large Infinity Floorstander speakers

Insignia 6 1/2



Ebay Auction

JBL -- 3 HT1F + 2 HT1S Home Theater Speakers

THX home theater speakers

JBL 125A


JBL K-120


JBL Knob


JBL Lancer 77 Crossovers


JBL LE-20-1 Tweeters

JBL Alnico tweeters

JBL LE-25 tweeters


JBL LE-25-4 tweeters

Ebay Auction

JBL LE10A woofers

10" Alnico Woofers


16Ohm 15" Bass Woofer
Ebay Auction

JBL LE25-4



16 Ohm horn tweeter
Ebay Auction

JBL LX5 16 ohm crossover

Ebay Auction

JBL PR10 Passive Radiators

10" passive radiators

Jeep TJ Speakers (aftermarket)

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Jensen Alnico Speakers

woofers, mids and tweeters

Jensen Horn Pair 1


Jensen Horn Pair 2


Jensen Horn tweeter (RP103 / R106)

Jensen RP103 horn tweeter with an R106 compression drive

Jensen P12S 12" woofers


Jensen RP-302 Tweeter

Ebay Auction


Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Ebay Auction


Stereo Tuner
Ebay Auction

Kenwood Basic Amp


Kenwood Basic gear


Kenwood C2 Preamp


Kenwood KA-9100 Amplifier

a big one
Ebay Auction

Kenwood KT-2001A Tuner

Stereo Tuner
Ebay Auction

Kenwood KT-5300 tuner


Kenwood SS-992

Surround sound processor / amplifier

Klipch Driver


Klipsch Heresy H-BR


Klipsch Heresy HD-BR


Klipsch K-33 Woofers

Original 15" woofers for Cornwall, LaScala, Khorn, etc.

Klipsch K-77-M tweeters


Klipsch Type B xovers


large mess of tubes


Luxman RC-101 Remote Control Module

Ebay Auction

Mac 1700


Magnavox Amp 175-GH


Marantz 2220B Receiver


Marantz 2270 Stereo Receiver

70 WPC Marantz Classic
Ebay Auction

Marantz Model 140 Stereo Power Amplifier


martel tube receiver


McIntosh ML-10C Speakers

for repair/parts

McIntosh ML-1C


Mettler Toledo PS60


Mettler Toledo PS60 Ball Top Platter


MTX Speakers


NAD 200 Speakers


NAD 5325 CD Player

Ebay Auction

NAD 6155 Cassette Deck

Fully functional NAD cassette deck
Ebay Auction

NAD 7020e

Stereo Receiver
Ebay Auction

NAD 906 Amplifier


NAD Remote (CD 5325)


Nakamichi CDP-2A

Ebay Auction

Nakamichi Soundspace 3 Remote


Nikko NT-790

AM/FM Stereo Tuner
Ebay Auction

onkyo at-5


Onkyo R1 Digital tuner

Ebay Auction

Onkyo T-15 Tuner

Ebay Auction

Onkyo TX-2000 Receiver


Onkyo TX-3000 Receiver


Onkyo TX-DS797(B)

Onkyo Home Theater Receiver
Ebay Auction

Optimus Center Channel


Paradigm Export Monitors


Phase Linear 5000 FM Tuner


Phase Linear 700B Amplifier


Phillips TT Parts


Pioneer CT-F7272 Tape Deck

For parts or repair

Pioneer F-7 tuner


Pioneer HPM-500 Speakers

everything works - needs refoam

Pioneer SA-7500 Schematic


Pioneer SX-880 Receiver

Ebay Auction

Pioneer TX-6500II FM/AM Tuner

Ebay Auction

Polk 10


Polk Monitor 10 Speakers


Polk Monitor 7 Speakers




RCA console amp


RCA Model 262 Superhetrodyne Radio

Needs restoration. Neat piece!

Realistic STA-95 Receiver


Rek-O-Cut Micropoise S-260 stereo tonearm w/Pickering V-15 SM-3 stereo cartridge


Revox B-710 Cassette Deck

For parts or repair

RX202 Tape Deck


Sansui RA-500


Sansui SP-5500X Speakers

only the finest kabuki

Sansui TU-555


Seas Tweeter (Dynaco)


Sherwood S-7110A Receiver


Sherwood S2000II Tuner


Sony ST-JX380 Digital AM FM tuner

Ebay Auction

Sony ST-JX531 Digital Tuner

Ebay Auction

Sony STR-AV720 A/V Receiver

with Remote
Ebay Auction

Sony TAE-8450

Solid State Pre-Amplifier
Ebay Auction

Sony Walkman Car Kit


speaker attenuator




Tannoy i5 AW speakers

Indoor/outdoor speakers

Technics SA-5360 Receiver


Technics SL-220 Turntable

Ebay Auction

thorens 166.II


Vector Research VR-7000 Receiver

Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Ebay Auction

Vifa tweeters D25AG-35


Voice of Music EL84 Monoblocks


VoM tube amp


Whitley Stentorian HF.1012 speaker driver woofer

Ebay Auction

wurlitzer amp


Yamaha CT-810

Stereo Tuner

Yamaha NS-451 Speakers


Yamaha NS-E120 Speakers

Wall mount speakers from Yamaha.

Yamaha TX802 FM Tone Generator

Yamaha FM Tone Generator Synth
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